Embark on a Journey Through the Past

"Minnesota City: A Past that we honor; A present that we give meaning; a Future that we build together" 

Organized to foster appreciation and understanding of the history--the people, the places, the events--of Minnesota City and the area. Following the successful Sesquicentennial Celebration of Minnesota City in May, 2002, numerous citizens drafted a MCHA Mission Statement. A few of its highlights include:

  • Researching community heritage & artifacts from pioneer days to the present, for programs, displays and events
  • Marking places of historic interest
  • Collecting archeological materials and papers relevant to the area's history

Minnesota City Historical Association Meetings:

Held 2nd Saturday of each month 9:30 am at City Hall, 149 Mill Street, Minnesota City from November to May. Meetings are held at the Historical First Baptist Church building, 140 Mill Street, from May to November.  

MCHA P.O. Box 21 Minnesota City, MN 55959