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August 10: Saturday, 9:30 a.m.; Monthly MCHA Meeting; Historic First Baptist Church, 140 Mill Street, Minnesota City. August 22: Thursday, 6:30 p.m.; Minnesota City Community Readers; Minnesota City Hall, 149 Mill Street; Selection: Cloudsplitter by Russell Banks.
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Of interest to Genealogists and Minnesota Citians Several years ago the Archives received a Minnesota City Register of Births and Deaths. Summer family reunions generate interest in the information of such a register. The first recorded death is in 1909 and the last in 1940. In the short forms, much information is recorded. Two interesting factoids are the place of birth of the individuals and the cause of death. In Minnesota City, birth places of individuals included Norway (4), Minnesota (10), Poland (2), Iowa(1), Germany (10), Denmark (1), Wisconsin (4), New York (2), Connecticut (1), Sweden (2), Poland/Germany (1), Ireland (3), Minnesota City (3) (1885), West Virginia (1), Michigan (1), Ohio (1) and Indiana (1). Causes of Death included influenza, valvular heart disease, apoplexy, angina, chronic myocarditis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, old age, heart/old age, skull fracture (a car accident), angina pectoris, senility, accidental drowning, still born, diphtheria, capillary bronchitis, tuberculosis, prostrate disease, syncope, chronic bronchitis, cardiac insufficiency, suicide by drowning, pulmonary tuberculosis,throat cancer, strangulated umbilical hernia,hypertension,acute alcoholism. The certificate form included ample information about the deceased and the attendants at the time of death.
Janet Seabern Contributes Native American Doll to Archives When Janet Hill Seabern was five or six, her family visited Whitewater Park to see the Indians. Janet writes “They danced a lot. They stayed at Hill’s camp with their tents set up on the hill side (area across from Bass Camp). They danced with a bon fire going. A lot of people stopped while they were there. They sang in their Indian words. They came in wagons. They gave Marlys and me the Ojibwe dolls. I don’t know what Marlys did with hers, but I had mine. The next morning we were up early to say good bye. They were going to the Cities and then into Dakota. That is all that I can think of that the folks told us—it is a long time ago. My mother had some Indian blood. They were very nice people to the folks. Mom got breakfast; they ate and hugged us all.”
MCHA extends sympathy to the family and friends of • Marilyn Gallagher Duellman, age 82, Winona, who died on May 29 at her home. • Loren Vernon Gallagher, 73, Hemet, California, who died on June 8. • Virginia Ann (Kronebusch) Scherbring, 93, Rollingstone, who died on May 28 at St. Anne Extended Healthcare. • Catherine J. Kreidermacher, 91, Rollingstone, who died on May 30 at Sugar Loaf Senior Living in Winona. • Irene Sophia Ebertowski, age 90, Winona, who died on May 25 at Sauer Health Care, Winona. • Roger Kohner, 77, Winona, who died on July 11 in Ramsey, Minnesota. • Faith M. Hinkley, age 92, Austin, who died on July 14 in Austin. • Clarence Henry Pomeroy, 91, Minnesota City, who died on July 19 at his home.
Historic Church Foundation of Mn. City, Ladies Aid Society’s Annual Service August 25 at Historic First Baptist Church, 140 Mill Street August 25th is the date of the annual summer service of the Mn. City Ladies Aid Society. The time of the service is 2:00 p.m.. The speaker is Neal Hunt and the organist on the original organ is Dan Lewis. Greeter for the meeting is Corrine Zierfus. Jean Gardner will present a review of the organization’s activities and Gen O’Grady will comment on MCHA ‘s continued use of the building for the archives. The public is welcome to this event.
Minnesota City’s Own Pamela McNeill Presents Concert in Winona (Kate O’Grady) Pamela McNeill, Twin Cities based musician and daughter of MCHA friend Susan Althoff, performed an energetic CD Release Concert in July at St. Cecilia’s Theater on the Cotter (St.Teresa) campus. The concert featured the music off her newly released CD, Solitary, as well as selections from previous CDs. McNeill took the stage backed by the impressively credentialed Southern Solitary Band and entertained the crowd for over two hours with amazing vocals and friendly banter, talking about it being ‘good to be back home’. Her songs included a large range of emotional and instrumental compositions, including several accompanied by her solo piano playing. Among the crowd favorites were Mississippi River Song, The Bigger Picture [written in memory of Prince], and Rainbows. Readers may recall that McNeill performed benefit concerts in 2008 for the Garvin Brook Disaster Relief Fund and the Flood Family Fun Day following the 2007 flood recovery, writing the song Waiting for the Tide for the occasion. For more information on Pamela McNeill and her music see Pamela McNeill on St. Cecilia Stage (Photos Don Evanson)
Winona County Fair Honors LaVern Fritz and Kay Vanderzee, two MCHA Friends Every year the Winona County Fair has a Hall of Fame to recognize residents who volunteer in their area, working at the fair, involved with agriculture and/or the businesses of Winona County. This year they recognized two persons well known to MCHA—Kay Denzer Vanderzee and LaVern Fritz. Kay, who lives in Dakota, is the daughter of George and Gloria Denzer, former Minnesota City residents. She has farmed with her husband for 50 years. They have sixchildren. One of Kay’s very significant achievements was assisting with the successful efforts to save the Ridgeway School— now a charter school. Another of her activities has been involvement in the Ridgeway United Methodist Church. LaVern Fritz farms near Minnesota City and has had a number of jobs in the area including Lawrence Transportation, Madison Silo and the Altura Turkey Plant. He was involved with Minnesota National Guard for 39 years. At Minnesota City, LaVern has been involved with the Minnesota City Fire Department, the Garvin Brook Disaster Relief Fund and the Winona County Old Settlers. He currently serves as a Rollingstone Township Election Judge. Congratulations to these honorees, and thank you for your contributions to the lives of many.
Family of Christian Denzer celebration on June 23 The 96th annual Denzer reunion of the descendants of Christian Denzer was held June 23, 2019 at the Farmers Community Park with 52 people, 26 families in attendance. A silent auction was held, a potluck lunch was served with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. All officers were returned and a new chairman of the History Department was named -- Kay Vanderzee replacing Clare Denzer. There were 5 births, 3 marriages and 2 deaths. The oldest was Jackie Denzer and the youngest was Laurel Kerley. The farthest was Judy Headtke from Texas. MCHA is grateful to Clare Denzer for the many years of communication of the reunion news. Thanks, Clare.
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