Neighboring Communities to Minnesota City

Numerous friendly communities are less than 10 or 20 minutes away from Minnesota City, and larger cities are less than an hour or two away. Each of these neighbors offers their own distinctive atmosphere, special attractions, and unique opportunities for shopping, recreation, relaxing, dining, or overnight accommodations. Listed here are some of our neighbors. Families or travel groups could plan their route ahead and spend a pleasant day visiting numerous sites in and around the Minnesota City area.


Distances and Directions to Neighbors:

  • Stockton, MN 4.5 miles SouthWest
  • Winona, MN -- 6.3 miles East
  • Lewiston, MN -- 9.6 miles SouthWest
  • Saint Charles, MN -- miles SouthWest
  • Arcadia, WI -- 16.5 miles NorthEast
  • Galesville, WI -- 19.9 miles East
  • Plainview, MN -- 21.5 miles West
  • Wabasha, MN -- 24.5 miles NorthWest
  • Whitehall, WI -- 28.6 miles NorthEast
  • La Crescent, MN -- 28.8 miles SouthEast
  • Onalaska, WI -- 29.4 miles East
  • La Crosse, WI -- 32.4 miles SouthEast
  • Minneapolis, MN -- 132 miles NorthWest
  • Rochester, MN -- 45 miles SouthWest
  • Red Wing, MN -- 57 miles NorthWest


Pictured above: the historic foundation remnants of Garvin Brook Swinging Bridge at Minnesota City. Enjoy the rich history of the area. "We live in Minnesota City--and we're proud of it!"