Minnesota City Historical Association

Minnesota City Historical Association Meetings: 2nd Saturday of each month, 9:30am at City Hall, 149 Mill St., Minnesota City. from November to May at Historical First Baptist Church Building, 140 Mill St. from May to November Phone 507-689-4103

First Baptist Church

Mission Statement

Organized to foster appreciation and understanding of the history--the people, the places, the events--of Minnesota City and the area. Following the successful Sesquicentennial Celebration of Minnesota City in May, 2002, numerous citizens drafted a MCHA Mission Statement. A few of its highlights include:

  • Researching community heritage & artifacts from pioneer days to the present, for programs, displays and events
  • Marking places of historic interest
  • Collecting archeological materials and papers relevant to the area's history

. . A Summary of Accomplishments of MCHA

  • Sponsors Minnesota Day annually on the 3rd Saturday of May
  • Has marked with historic plaques:
    • The First Baptist Church (the first church in Winona County--pictured in photo)
    • The Oaks (a world class restaurant and night club in the 1940s and 50s)
    • The Whetstone homestead, located on Harbor Dr.; first apple orchard in state of Minnesota.
  • Replicated the historical Rollingstone Colony sign marking the origin of Minnesota City, and with the City Council, landscaped the surrounding area
  • Organized the Minnesota City Community Reading Group
  • Publishes The MCHA Newsletter, a monthly newsletter