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March 10: Tuesday; 8:15 p.m.; Rollingstone Township Annual Meeting; Township Hall, 24643 Highway 248.

March 14: Saturday; 9:30 a.m.; Monthly MCHA meeting; Former Minnesota City School. 115 Iowa Street.

March 14: Saturday; 9:30 a.m.; Book Shelf Open; Former Minnesota City School. 115 Iowa Street.

March 15: Sunday; 2:00 p.m.; Maus Family Presents on Winona Steam Calliope; St.Paul’s Church Hall, 132 Anderson Street.

March 26: Thursday; 6:30 p.m.; Minnesota City Community Readers: Hosseini: And the Mountains Echoed; Former Minnesota City School. 115 Iowa Street.

March 26: Thursday; 6:30 p.m.; Book Shelf Open; Former Minnesota City School, 115 Iowa Street.

May 16: Saturday; Minnesota City Day

“Go Green!”
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March 15 Maus Family Presentation: Winona Steam Calliope History and Operation

On March 15 at 2:00 p.m. in St. Paul’s Church Hall, 132 Anderson Street, MCHA members, Judy and Edwin Maus will present with photos, tapes, and lecture, the history of their involvement with the Winona Steam Calliope, now in retirement status.

(left) Maus Family photo: 2001 MARDI GRAS Parade, Maus, Treder, Tibors attending.
The calliope sound is an unusual sound, and calliopes are extraordinary instruments. Minnesota City area residents may recall the sound of the calliope from a boat going up or down the Mississippi, whether or not they could see the boat. Named after Calliope, the Greek and Roman Muse of epic poetry, music, song, dance, and eloquence, the instrument’s sound conjures the color, the festive circus atmosphere, the sounds, and the celebratory activity of parades.

The Maus family Belgian horses pulled the Winona Steam Calliope and bandwagon in New Orleans Mardi Gras parades for several years. The calliope was also used for local and area parades including Steamboat Days, the WSU homecoming parades and the parades at Lake Winona Manor, and in places nationwide. In 2002 the calliope was at Minnesota City for the sesquicentennial celebration and in 2010 it participated in the grand opening of the Laird Norton addition of Winona County Historical Society. The Maus family contribution to this historical activity is immeasurable. They are offering an opportunity for attendees at the March 15 presentation to hear some of the “behind the scenes” stories related to this now inoperable wonder. The afternoon will include the viewing of several tapings of parade appearances, photos, and conversation with the Mauses.
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Calliope (continued from page 1)

Statius, a first century Roman poet, invoked Calliope the Muse: “Thou Calliope, queen of the groves of song, uplift thy lyre and begin the tale.” (Statius, Thebaid 4). We invite the Maus family to share the tales of their connection with the calliope. Invite family and friends to this unique presentation; there is no charge. *For several years, the Maus family has enriched the MCHA December caroling event with their horses and wagon rides.

March 10: Rollingstone Township Meeting

The Annual Meeting and Election of Rollingstone Township will be held on Tuesday, March 10 at the Town Hall, 24643 Highway 248. Election hours are from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Voters will elect one Supervisor and 1 Treasurer. Following the Board of Canvass, the annual meeting will begin about 8:15.

Minnesota City Historical Association expresses sympathy to
• family and friends of Roger K. Oldham, 74 of Winona and formerly of Stockton, who died Friday, January 30, at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in La Crosse.
• family and friends of Gerald J. Barnholtz, age 77, who died on February 6, in Stockton.
• family and friends of Adelaide Mary Haxton, 98, of Rollingstone, who died Tuesday, February 10, at Saint Anne Extended Healthcare in Winona.
• family and friends of Winifred Rader Monahan, 96, Rollingstone, who died on February 17, at Lake Winona Manor. Winifred is the sister of Clare Denzer.
• family and friends of Jacqueline Marie Keller, 49, Winona, who died in Winona on February 15.

MCHA expresses thanks to
• Andrea Church for assistance with information and set up related to the purchase of the laptop computer for Association work.
• Brenda Eckert for the time and work involved in sending membership materials—requests, thank you letters, and tax information –to MCHA members.
• All persons who have contributed donations, tributes, memorials and memberships to MCHA in recent months.

MCHA Congratulates
• Lester Spaag on his 95th birthday on March 3rd. Lester is a Stockton Valley native; Lester and Maxine (Church) Spaag live in Winona.
• Samuel O’Grady and Jake Pellowski, recently named Bluffview Montessori Explorers of the Week. Samuel, who lives in Pickwick, is the son of Kate O’Grady and Scott Jensen. Jake is the son of Joseph and Jenna Pellowski, Minnesota City. The Explorer Award acknowledges behaviors of students which exemplify character virtues.

Additional information from Darin Salisbury on Winona Moving Co. (see newsletter January, 2015).
“In 1989 Lloyd Salisbury moved the business here from West 4th St Winona. It has been family owned since 1919. We (current owners) bought the business in January 2001 from Lloyd.”

Winona Area Public Schools Superintendent West Visits with Area Residents

Presenting an uncommon (did it ever happen before?) opportunity for area residents, the superintendent of Winona Public Schools, Stephen West, visited with area residents at Bonnie Rae’s Café in Rollingstone on February 6. West was accompanied by a number of district personnel, and District board member Tina Lehnertz was present. Billed as an opportunity for attendees to bring issues to West, the conversation, which extended beyond two hours, was a give and take of questions, answers and discussion. West deftly engaged a group of some thirty individuals, providing a mix of information,
opinion, and self-disclosure. Residents came
with their own mix of the same. Topics included District early release policy, family observation in the schools, school closings, achievement gap issues of race, economic and other factors, athletic issues, the recent speech class issue and vote of the school board, changing models of education, differences in factory and communication models. Emotions engendered in history and personal experiences surfaced in the discussion. The Superintendent was thanked for his visit, and he was promised a strong response to issues related to Rollingstone. Speakers voiced pride in the Rollingstone School, where small class numbers remain a closure concern. Community identity is strong in the city.

MCHA (Minnesota City Historical Association)
Exhibits Materials at February 8 Winona County
Historical Society Open House

For the second consecutive year, MCHA has had an exhibit
of materials at the Winona County Historical Society Open
House. According to Jennifer Weaver, assistant director of
the Society, “It was a fun day with over 250 people
attending.” Rebecca O’Grady Weiss assisted with set up and
take down, and Jean Gardner, Janet Seabern, Brenda Eckert
and David Eckert monitored the display and visited with
attendees. This year the MCHA display, reportedly well
attended, focused on Native Americans in Minnesota City,
the Oaks, and included panels of photos and information on
church bells in the area churches and cemetery walk photos.
The event provides invited groups an opportunity to share
activity of their organizations.

Minnesota City Man a Local Hero; Extraordinary Clean Sweep Service

Sgt. Kevin Kearney, a Winona policeman, emerged as a
local hero following a downtown Winona fire on February 6
at the Mason Jar bar. Kearney alerted bar patrons at about
12:40 p.m. and went upstairs to clear the second floor
apartments. “He (Kearney) said about ten people, two dogs
and a cat were evacuated from the second floor and adjacent
buildings.” Winona Daily News, February 7, 2015, Page l.
Kevin lives in Minnesota City and operates The Clean Sweep
Chimney Service. Listed under services are fireplace,
chimney, caps, cleaning, wood stoves, inspection, repair,
dryer vents, full safety Report. Kearney’s motto is “Your
Safety is my #1 Priority.” Many local persons will view his
service wagon and ads (usually parked on Mill Street) with
new admiration after the local fire. Kevin relined and restored
the chimney on the First Baptist Church when the Archives were placed there in 2008.Thank you Kevin Kearney for another job well done.

Planning Begins for May 16 Minnesota City Day

Planning for Minnesota City Day was begun at the February MCHA meeting on February 14. Members suggested a number of possible activities for the May 16 observance. Using a discussion format for some topics may assist individual interest focus for attendees. Gerald Okland, Thief River Falls, a direct descendent of Samuel and Sarah Cotton, Western Farm and Village Association members who came in 1852, has agreed to present on his progenitors. Other suggested conversation topics include genealogy research, and self-publishing. The April newsletter will contain topic and location confirmation material. Please communicate possible activities to 689-4103 or 450-0201.